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Roll Call: Message of The Week

Establishing a Culture of Safety

As leaders within a law enforcement agency, sergeants play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of their officers and protecting the public. So how can a sergeant forge a culture a safety within their team and what are some key strategies they can implement in their daily workflows. That is precisely what this week's leadership tip is all about.

Lead by example: Model and reinforce safety practices consistently. Demonstrate and prioritize safety in your own actions and decision-making, setting the standard for your officers to follow. Routinely explain the why and what went into the decision-making process. This provides officers the opportunity to grow through your experiences.

Emphasize the importance of safety: Regularly communicate and reinforce the importance of officer safety to your team. Discuss safety protocols, equipment usage, and best practices during briefings, training sessions, and roll calls.

Provide resources and training: Ensure that officers have access to the necessary resources, equipment, and training to perform their duties safely. Advocate for ongoing safety training, including defensive tactics, de-escalation techniques, and critical incident training.

Prioritize ongoing training: Ensure that officers receive regular training to enhance their skills and knowledge related to officer safety. Make the effort to know your officers' goals so that you may identify trainings that will assist them in obtaining their career goals. Offer specialized training in areas such as defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, investigations and professional development.

These tips can provide you a foundation that will help you design what your very own roll message of the day will be to your team. Remember that your team is always looking towards you for leadership, and leadership must always foster an environment of safety, growth, and inspiration.

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