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PSTA is a leading organization dedicated to the development of professional law enforcement agencies and their staff.


Our team of experts are both active and retired law enforcement professionals that bring a passion for educational excellence and are experienced practitioners in the fields of executive law enforcement management leadership, major criminal investigations, internal affairs and compliance practices, evidence management, and policy review and  development.  

PSTA is well positioned to provide critical employee development training certification training in the areas of Emerging Leadership, First Line Supervision, Middle Management, Community Engagement, Force Assessment Training, PREA, and Promotional Assessment Reviews .

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Professional Audits

Community trust is a critical fuel necessary for your agency to thrive. This requires ensuring your policies and practices are in line with nationally recognized best practices. A PSTA audit provides an  independent assessment of important operational functions such as Property and Evidence management, Internal Affairs, and Compliance Sections. Learn More

Professional Coaching 

Promotional oral boards require critical preparation by candidates in order to stand out from their competition. A PSTA coach can help you develop an effective message and  strategy to clearly represent your value. 

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PSTA offers a wide variety of operational consulting in the areas of law enforcement, corrections, and policy review. Learn More

Education is undoubtably one of the primary requirements for career preservation and delivering professional law enforcement services. If you share this passion, become a PSTA instructor. 


Send your background/CV resume and the discipline subject area you would like instruct for our consideration.


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