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Born Again: Miami Police Officer Plucks 10 year old From South Florida Waters

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Recently a City of Miami Police Officer who the community has now dubbed "Superhero Officer Ernesto Fernandez", a namesake of sorts that accurately describes his actions. Officer Fernandez was patrolling the Miami River as he would regularly do, keeping a keen eye out for criminal activity and ensuring public safety.

He noticed a young boy running with no shoes holding a cell phone towards a Miami River marina. According to Officer Hernandez, the boy ran into the marina where he lost sight of the young boy. Officer Hernandez' instinct was to exit his patrol vehicle and look for the young boy. It was then he noticed ripples in the water by a wooden dock. He knew the boy was in trouble and without hesitation reverted to his training.

Officer Hernandez jumped into the darkened murky Miami River water and grabbed a hold of the boy who was submerged, unresponsive, and in desperate need of aid. Officer Hernandez mustered all his strength and pulled the boy to safety then cleared the boy's airway. He saved his life. Just moments later as Officer Hernandez and the boy laid on the ground side by side, the boy showed his affection through a gesture. A kiss on the forehead. Officer Hernandez recognized that gesture as one commonly displayed by children with autism. Later that day, Officer Hernandez would learn the boy was in fact autistic and that his choice of profession as a police officer would forever be a critical piece of the puzzle in this boy's future.

Officer Hernandez' actions are heroic, they are exemplary, but most of all, they are a powerful reminder of the good police officers do each day. Officer Hernandez has made his city and community proud. Chief Manuel Morales is the Chief of Police for the City of Miami Police Department. He is a dedicated individual who is no doubt proud of Officer Hernandez' actions and an avid supporter of his officers.

Join PSTA in congratulating Officer Ernesto Hernandez of the City of Miami Police Department and this week's PSTA National Hero of The Week.

If you know of an officer who should be highlighted for their heroic actions, please share with us at

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