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Not a Movie: These Are Real Life Texas Heroes.

A scene that could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood action movie unfolding on the streets of The City of White Settlement, was anything but make believe. Officers heroically extracted and rescued two occupants of a burning vehicle after a crash in the early hours of a steamy Texas Saturday morning.

A chilling call into the White Settlement Police Department’s, 911 dispatch center reported that a car crashed into a pole on the 1700 block of S. Cherry Lane., resulting in the vehicle’s engine compartment to burst with fire.

Body-worn and dashboard camera videos released by the police department show officers responding to the scene in the early morning hours where they would find two occupants inside the car, already engulfed in flames.

News outlet reports reflect that one of the occupants was able to exit the vehicle on his own, but Officers can be seen pulling an unconscious male passenger from the burning vehicle. The Officers sprang into action despite the risk to their own safety and potential impact to their health and personal lives.

Because of the heroic actions of the Officers, the driver and passenger would survive. Once again, PSTA acknowledges effective training and leadership. Chief of Police Christopher Cook was quoted “I want to highlight the heroic actions by the brave police officers who serve our community,” Chief of Police Christopher Cook said in a statement. “As you can see from the video, had it not been for the quick and decisive actions by police, this crash could have had a very different outcome.”

Please join PSTA in congratulating the White Settlement Police Department, specifically these brave officers for being recognized as this week’s PSTA National Hero of The Week recipients. Thank you for choosing to serve and dedicating your lives to a noble profession and the City of White Settlement.

If you know of a Public Safety hero that should be acknowledged, please send the name of the hero(s), department, and details of the incident to

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Katherine Perez
Katherine Perez
Aug 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Amazing work

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